Sacital Inc. recognizes that business operations, whether engaged in manufacturing, agriculture, energy, logistics, or waste disposal, founded on sustainable principles and harmonious with the local environment result in both sustainable and productive operations. Moreover, changing economic priorities and government policies, regulations, consumer choices and globalization are exerting more pressure on organizations in maintaining a competitive advantage in the market place.

Strategy, change, and organization management: Process changes in response to shifting markets, efficiency opportunities, cost reduction imperatives for materials and labor objectives have influence business goals. Assisting clients to design financial, technical, regulatory, management and political strategies to ameliorate the impact of financial stress, weakening support systems, rising input costs, and investment returns in the infrastructure sector.

Market incentives and value-chain interventions: Assisting businesses, corporations, international agencies in identifying innovative market and infrastructure reforms needed to achieve self-sufficiency in technical, economic and social development.

Public private partnerships: Design innovative framework for stakeholder engagement and partnerships as a foundation of sound institutional development and as a springboard of government-private-sector-infrastructure-driven partnerships that spawns higher productivity,  and improves economic development of the rural economies.